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Dr. Baser has a clinical psychology practice, with a specialty in neuropsychology.


Working with individuals, couples or families to explore and understand the basis of well-being and health. People enter psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons, but all with the goal to improve their lives and manage the challenges they face more successfully. The best outcomes are those in which hardships are accepted and are used as a catalyst for growth, uniqueness is valued, and well-being is strengthened.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

A battery of test is administered to assess areas of attention, language, perception, motor, memory, intellectual, executive functions, and emotional health. This type of evaluation is recommended for people with brain injuries, neurologic conditions, attention deficit, psychiatric, substance abuse or other health conditions that impact the central nervous system. The evaluation provides data that can establish a diagnosis, indicate level of functioning, identify functional change over time, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and help plan treatments.

Sports Concussion Baseline Testing and Post Concussion Management

Athletes (all levels: youth, collegiate, professional, or recreational) can take the ImPACT Test online as a baseline administration. Should a concussion occur, ImPACT can be readministered to identify short or long term effects of injury. ImPACT is a key tool for concussion management, along with other clinical practices. Return-to-play decisions are facilitated by test data that identifies reliable change over time. While most people recover from concussions quickly, some people require intervention and assistance to regain health. There is no such thing as a "minor" concussion when it comes to cognition and brain health.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

This treatment modality improves cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning following a brain injury. People learn a variety of tools to function better, adapt to the changes in their life, and build a satisfying future. The focus may be upon cognitive strategies, emotional well-being, behavior change, or healthy relationships. Recovery from brain injury is optimized when awareness, self-management, and confidence are developed.

Med-Legal Consultation

Neuropsychological expertise has become valuable in many personal injury, competency, and disability cases. Comprehensive evaluation of neuropsychological functioning can establish extent of injury/damages, functional capacity, prognosis for the future, treatment needs, and validity of findings. Determining competency can be essential in cases of elder abuse or when a will is challenged.